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Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan | Check Latest Price & Features

by Haroon Amin
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In Pakistan, the Suzuki Mehran has long been a mainstay of the auto industry. It has been a popular choice among people nationwide due to its price, dependability, and usefulness. In order to explain why the Suzuki Mehran still has appeal in spite of changing automotive trends, we will examine the model’s price range and essential features in this post.

  • Engine:

The Suzuki Mehran has a 3-cylinder, 796cc water-cooled engine. With a moderate output of about 39 horsepower, it provides enough power for occasional highway driving as well as urban commuting. Because of the engine’s well-known fuel efficiency, the Mehran is a cost-effective option for buyers on a tight budget.

  • Exterior Design:

The Suzuki Mehran has a practical and small form that makes it perfect for manoeuvring through crowded metropolitan streets. With its compact size, its boxy form makes the most of the internal space, offering enough of capacity for both people and baggage. Even while the design might seem simple in comparison to more modern models, it has a timeless charm that makes it appealing to a broad range of people.

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  • Interior Features:

The Suzuki Mehran’s cabin is known for its practicality and simplicity. Higher model levels come with standard features that improve occupant comfort, like heaters, air conditioning, and adjustable seats. Simple controls and quick access to key functions characterise the dashboard’s structure.

  • Transmission:

The Suzuki Mehran comes with a 4-speed manual gearbox as standard equipment. The manual gearbox fits with the Mehran’s practical philosophy by being straightforward and easy to maintain, even though it doesn’t have the sophistication of automated gearboxes available in more expensive cars.

  • Safety Features:

The Suzuki Mehran comes equipped with standard safety features like child-proof rear door locks, a rearview mirror, and seat belts. These fundamental safety elements offer some amount of protection for passengers during typical driving situations, even though they lack the cutting-edge safety systems found in contemporary cars.

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