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Two underpasses planned on Srinagar Highway to make Serena Chowk signal-free

by Haroon Amin
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The federal government of Pakistan has announced the construction of two new underpasses in Islamabad, a major step towards ensuring seamless traffic flow. Under the direction of Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, this project is a component of a larger scheme to improve the city’s infrastructure and reduce traffic.

The Srinagar Highway and Serena Chowk will both have underpasses. Due to the high volume of traffic from several routes, such as Constitution Avenue, Club Road (Murree Road), Srinagar Highway, and Attaturk Avenue, these key places were selected. It is anticipated that the building of these underpasses will greatly lessen traffic during peak hours.

The underpasses’ preliminary designs are finished. The interior minister gave the order to finish their construction as soon as feasible. This development is a component of a larger infrastructure project portfolio that is budgeted Rs. 20 billion for the fiscal year 2023–2024.

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The citizens of the city eagerly anticipated the introduction of other routes throughout the construction phase. This programme demonstrates the government’s dedication to enhancing the city’s transportation system and giving its citizens a better commute.

There are a number of anticipated benefits for traffic flow and the general commuter experience from the development of the Serena Chowk and Srinagar Highway underpasses in Islamabad:

  • Diminished Traffic: It is anticipated that traffic congestion will lessen at important crossroads with dedicated underpasses. During peak hours, there won’t be lengthy lineups for vehicles to move in, allowing for greater smoothness.

  • Enhanced Interaction Both underpasses are positioned with purpose. Constitution Avenue, Club Road (Murree Road), and other important routes will be better connected thanks to the Serena Chowk underpass. Islamabad’s connectivity to nearby cities like Rawalpindi and Murree will be enhanced via the Srinagar Highway underpass.

  • Time Conserving: When the underpasses are operational, commuters can anticipate reduced travel times. By enabling cars to avoid congested crossings, these buildings will lessen the amount of time that traffic lights and congestion delay drivers.

  • Alternative Paths: Authorities will probably establish detours to direct traffic away from the construction sites during the phase of construction. Even if there might be some short-term difficulties, they will be outweighed by the long-term advantages.

  • Increased Security: Vehicles and people can cross congested roadways in a safer manner thanks to underpasses. Accidents can be reduced with the right illumination, signage, and pedestrian paths.

  • Economic Repercussions: Businesses can benefit from improved traffic flow since it makes it possible to transfer goods and services more effectively. It might also draw growth and investment to the neighbourhood.

These infrastructure projects demonstrate the government’s dedication to enhancing the city’s transport system and giving citizens a better commute. We eagerly anticipate more information, such as detours throughout the construction process.

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