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Two Pakistani Students Get Highest Marks In Acca Exams

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Two Pakistani students who earned the highest marks in their ACCA exams in September this year are now?among the global prizewinners and have qualified for cash prizes. 

The spokesperson of the ACCA for the Asia Pacific region, Rashid Khan, said that ‘‘83,630 ACCA students from around the world entered for the September sitting and It’s particularly pleasing to see Pakistani students shining in the exams and building a strong reputation for the country on a global level for top finance talent. It’s not about one or two meritorious students, we’re seeing a growing trend of ACCA students and professionals from Pakistan creating a global impact with their ability and ambition. This also proves how our people can compete and win globally if they’re offered the right support and a global platform.’’ 

It should be noted that the ACCA Qualification comprehensively tests the skills, abilities, and competencies required of a modern accountant, with a strong foundation in ethics and professionalism. It prepares students for a rewarding career as qualified and ethical finance professionals on a global scale. 

Sources reported that Malik Shahmir Pervez grabbed the global position for demonstrating stellar performance in the Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) exam which is one of the most challenging of all ACCA papers. Shahmir belongs to a modest family and his father was a truck driver in Rawalpindi. He acquired his early schooling at an Urdu-medium local school before joining the Army Public School (APS). 

Moreover, Noman Abbasi is one of the two Pakistanis who also made the ACCA’s list of global prize-winners by getting the highest marks in the Financial Reporting (FR) exam. Although his father was a doctor and his brother an engineer, Noman was forced to study pre-medical in college, but he knew his interest lay elsewhere. “I wanted something more exciting to do in my career and travel the world. So, accountancy was a natural choice for me,” Noman said.

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