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Islamic Coin Makes A Landmark Entry On Kucoin: A Leap For Shariah-Compliant Crypto

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On October 10, KuCoin and other significant exchanges officially launched Islamic Coin, the eagerly awaited cryptocurrency created for the global Muslim community. The launch marks a significant turning point in the development of key components of the HAQQ network and goes beyond simple token listing.

Along with a decentralised trading platform created in collaboration with Sushiswap and other DEXs, the HAQQ network will include Haqqex, a Sharia-compliant exchange.

The Revolutionary Roadmap of Islamic Currency:

Islamic Coin seeks to go beyond conventional trading platforms in its mission to pioneer digital asset projects specifically for the world’s Muslim population. A halal and ethical NFT marketplace is among the initiatives that will be established as part of the roadmap, along with launchpads and incubation companies for new projects. Every project that is implemented on the HAQQ network will use the Islamic Coin ($ISLM) as their operating currency.

To help users move about the HAQQ ecosystem, the $ISLM token is built with a variety of features. It is a tool that everyone can use, access, and benefit from on the HAQQ blockchain. Holders of tokens will have privileged access to projects that are launched on the network, acting as early backers and collaborators. This method, dubbed “super utility,” enables active involvement across the ecosystem, from airdrops and early access to exclusive offerings of recently launched, unique initiatives.

Islamic Coin wants to raise the bar for moral and Sharia-compliant financing, making it a competitive option for both the world’s Muslims and ethical investors. A new era in responsible digital finance is heralded by key characteristics like open governance standards, interest-free trading choices, and charitable efforts.

The altruistic component of Islamic Coin will provide the community-first digital finance new dimensions. 10% of each $ISLM token produced will be given to an Evergreen DAO, which will use it to fund community-driven initiatives and provide a considerable amount to charity, education, and research.

With its upcoming debut, Islamic Coin will be positioned to develop into a groundbreaking financial product that aims to offer a welcoming and moral cryptocurrency experience.

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