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Government Will Train 150,000 Ai Specialists Over The Next Five Years

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Syed Aminul Haque, the federal minister of information technology and telecommunication, stated on Wednesday that the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication (MoIT&T) will teach 100,000 AI graduates over the course of the next five years with the help of academics and an additional 50,000 with the assistance of the IT industry.

The new strategy would aid the nation in preparing for the issues that will arise in this field, the minister claimed in a statement that projects of national importance could be prepared for the obstacles posed by AI. He claimed that Pakistan will experience a demand for jobs involving AI in area. Through the use of contemporary technology, local industries will be aided in national development.

According to Haque, AI will spur domestic and international investment, promote competitiveness, cultivate skilled individuals, and secure public safety while also enabling data privacy through the ethical application of AI technology. According to him, the government would provide a secure atmosphere that will encourage the local development and effective use of AI technology.

According to the minister, Pakistan ought to receive its fair portion of the global AI market, which is anticipated to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2030. He said that over the course of the next five years, MoITT will teach 50,000 IT professionals and 100,000 AI graduates in partnership with academia for this goal.

The economy and society of Pakistan can develop at a similar rate to that of the rest of the world. For this reason, the drafted AI Policy was released to MoIT&T’s website on May 17, 2023, the minister continued.

By June 15, 2023, the ministry wants broad agreement on the AI policy from the general public, civil society, professionals, associated industries, and national and international institutions, according to Haque. The draught will then be polished in light of these comments.

The minister also mentioned that the IT Ministry is forming a policy group of academic and commercial AI specialists. The committee will study the most recent technological difficulties and requirements.

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