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800 Companies to Participate in Pakistan’s 24th ITCN Asia Tech Expo

by Haroon Amin
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This year in Lahore, 800 companies are participating with their 2,000+ brands, including major multinational IT & tech conglomerates. This indicates that ITCN Asia has become one of Pakistan’s premier tech events, according to Muhammad Zohaib Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA).

We anticipate $500 million in leads and Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) related to IT & ITeS investments, acquisitions, export orders, outsourcing agreements, joint ventures, and other strategic partnerships, the speaker continued.

In order to ensure the success of the three-day event, “24th ITCN Asia in Lahore 2024,” which is expected to draw over 75 notable international delegates, Zohaib Khan added, the Ministry of IT & telecom (MoITT), SIFC, PSEB, P@SHA, TechDestination Pakistan, and e-commerce gateway Pakistan will collaborate to support it. The event will take place in the Expo Centre from April 18 to 20.

Twenty knowledge and conference sessions, including the AI Summit, Global Security Symposium, Gaming Roundtable, Skills Roundtable, Investor Summit, Digital Health, Proptech, Freelancer Summit, and Made in Pakistan Roundtable, will be included in the event, according to Khan. P@SHA and HBL will be collaborating to host their historic Policy Roundtables and Jirgas.

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P@SHA The chief emphasised that the event would include global and Pakistani IT industry titans such as Microsoft, Inbox, Redhat, TP-Link, Lenovo, HP, Netsol, Abacus, and Dell; additionally, more than 45,000 trade and commercial visitors as well as 500 government representatives are scheduled to attend the exposition.

With regard to investments in Pakistan, Zohaib Khan cited the SIFC’s initiatives as game-changers and applauded the Saudi investors’ impending attitude as evidence of truly complementary economies.

The 24th ITCN Asia is honoured to have Deemah Al Yahya, Secretary General of the Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO), as its guest of honour. P@SHA was recently granted observer status to represent the private sector of Pakistan’s IT industry, he continued. DCO is a worldwide ICT alliance including 15 countries, including Pakistan.

A wide range of issues and topics will be covered during the 24th ITCN Asia conference in Lahore. These are the primary areas of attention:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Talks about developments, uses, and moral implications.
  • Global Security and Cybersecurity: Threat reduction, cybersecurity tactics, and problems.
  • Gaming & Entertainment Technology: A look at the latest developments, possibilities, and trends in the gaming sector.
  • Skills Development and Training: Workshops on improving professional and technical abilities.
  • Investor Engagement and Funding: How to Draw Investments and Promote Entrepreneurship.
  • Digital Health and Healthcare Tech Examining telemedicine, digital health solutions, and advancements in healthcare technology.
  • Proptech (Property Technology): Examining how technology affects real estate and property management is known as proptech, or property technology.

The objectives of these themes are to furnish participants with significant insights, social connections, and motivation.

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