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SECP Bootcamp to teach financial literacy courses to over 1500 educators

by Haroon Amin
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Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, the secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, promised significant changes to modernise the educational system, including the implementation of an incentive programme for instructors based on their performance.

More than 1,500 teachers from 432 Federal Government Schools & Colleges in the Islamabad Capital Territory were successfully taught fundamental financial literacy principles by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in partnership with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

The course, which was delivered to instructors in stages, addressed important subjects including investments, savings, the value of financial literacy, its components, and how to spot fraud and scams, among other things. The Ministry of Education has said that financial literacy subjects would henceforth be included in the curricula of FG schools.

Major improvements to modernise the educational system were declared by Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, during the closing ceremony. In order to lessen the workload on both teachers and students, these reforms include the implementation of performance-based reward systems for educators, teacher training programmes, and the integration of topics like science and mathematics and Pak studies with Urdu.

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He stated that province-level financial literacy education will be implemented gradually. Wani underlined how critical it is for young people, particularly women, to grasp fundamental financial concepts in order to guard against fraud and exploitation.

Through training programmes, the National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) and SECP have helped teachers acquire the skills they need. The Secretary of Education has expressed gratitude for their contributions in this regard. To improve financial awareness among students in federal educational institutions, the Ministry of Education and the SECP have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The SECP Chairman, Akif Saeed, stressed the importance of endowing children with financial literacy in order to guarantee that they acquire basic knowledge such as debt management, investing, saving, and budgeting at a young age. Akif also emphasised the critical role that young people who are financially literate play in promoting investment, savings, and entrepreneurship as a means of accelerating economic growth.

Shields were also given to programme organisers and trainers from the NIBAF and SECP by Secretary of Education Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani. Attending the ceremony were representatives from SECP, NIBAF, and the Federal Directorate of Education.

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