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Pakistan imports nine types of high breed cattle from Brazil under SIFC

by Haroon Amin
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A major step forward has been made in the Green Pakistan Livestock Initiative (GPLI) coordinated by the Special Investment Council (SIFC) with the arrival of high-breed cattle from Brazil. The objective of this effort is to instill better genetic traits in the indigenous breeding stock, hence revolutionising the cattle industry in Pakistan. The country’s capacity to produce meat and milk will be enhanced by the imported cattle, which are known for having a superior genetic make-up. This will promote food security and economic expansion.

The consignment, which consists of nine breeds, is an intentional combination of Brazilian and local types from Pakistan. With this combination, a varied genetic pool capable of thriving in Pakistan’s wide range of climates is ensured. Moreover, the participation of FONGROW, a business founded as part of the Green Pakistan Initiative, highlights the critical role that the private sector plays in promoting sustainable development and agricultural innovation.

Transporting the cattle from Sialkot to Okara for a two-week quarantine shows how well biosecurity protocols are followed, protecting the animals’ health and welfare and avoiding the spread of disease among Pakistan’s livestock herd.

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Beyond its direct effects on domestic livestock production, the possibility of increased bilateral trade between the two countries is represented by the import of cattle from Brazil. The historical transfer of red Sindhi cattle from Pakistan to Brazil in the 1950s, as mentioned by Brazilian Ambassador Olyntho Vieira, highlights the two nations’ long-standing agricultural relations. This historical background emphasises how agricultural interaction is cyclical and how vital it is to save native breeds for coming generations.

Compared to 2022, Brazil’s live cattle exports climbed by 154% in 2023, totaling over $489 million.

As per the official data, Pakistan imported textiles and fibres from Brazil valued at $298 million in the previous year.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) gave its approval in April 2023 to the suggested modifications to the pertinent sections of Import Policy Order-2022 that deal with the import of live cattle.

Overall, Pakistan’s efforts to modernise its agriculture and promote sustainable development have reached a significant turning point with the introduction of Brazilian high-breed cattle under the Green Pakistan Livestock Initiative. Pakistan’s cattle industry has the potential to reach its full potential by utilising international relationships, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and placing a high value on genetic diversity. This will guarantee food security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability for many years to come.

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