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Pakistan Among Top 10 Grain Exporters To China

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In 2022, Pakistan achieved a significant milestone by securing a position among China’s top 10 exporters of grain and related products 

According to the 2023 China Import Food Report, Pakistan’s exports to China amounted to $456 million, reflecting an impressive year-on-year growth of 14.12%. This revelation was made at the China Import Food Summit, a notable event held during the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. 

Muhammad Omair, a prominent Pakistani sesame and rice dealer, expressed the critical importance of the Chinese market for Pakistan.

Visibly impressed by the vibrant consumption market in China during his first visit, Omair highlighted the success of his company, which alone exported over 150 containers of sesame to China in the current year. He attributed this success to factors such as cost-effective freight, competitive pricing, and the superior quality of Pakistani products, all made possible by the bilateral free trade agreement. 

Omair emphasized the rising popularity of sesame in China, particularly among oil extraction companies, due to its high oil content. In the first three quarters of the year, Pakistan’s sesame exports to China reached $56.446 million, marking a substantial 41% growth compared to the same period in 2022, as reported by China’s General Administration of Customs (CGAC). 

Furthermore, Omair noted a robust demand for broken rice for animal feed in China. Despite challenges such as flooding, the export of broken rice from Pakistan to China has consistently increased over the past three years, reaching between 70-200 containers per month in the previous year. 

The report from CGAC indicated a noteworthy 20% surge in China’s import of broken rice from Pakistan. Omair sees the China International Import Expo as a golden opportunity for Pakistani businesses, and he aims to capitalize on it by setting up an exhibition stand at CIIE.? 


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