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Gully Squad From Pubg Mobile Will Return In 2023 With A New Theme And Empower Students All Over The Country

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With the help of its prestigious Gully Squad promotion, PUBG MOBILE (PUBGM), the well-known mobile battle royale game and Pakistan’s top video gaming platform, maintains its unshakable dedication to campuses and PUBG players.

With the new Gully Squad programme, PUBGM is continuing its long history of being a catalyst for enabling, elevating, and empowering students.

The “PlayToWinHearts” initiative this year makes a significant advancement in empowering children and encouraging a feeling of community among pupils. A captivating web series is being created to go along with the promotion, highlighting PUBG MOBILE’s commitment to the student community.

Since 2018, more than 20,000 students at more than 50 colleges have access to PUBG MOBILE’s powerful platform. The platform has given 1.3 crore rupees in scholarships to more than 400 eligible students as a result of its commitment to nurturing dreams.

Additionally, the Student Esports Team NBS’s entry into the PUBG MOBILE National Championship (PMNC)’s main arena demonstrates the platform’s dedication to elevating objectives. PUBG MOBILE is steadfast and united with its community during these difficult circumstances.

Gully Squad excelled at fusing virtual and physical encounters in past years. The renowned cricketer Shoaib Akhtar teamed up with PUBGM in 2021 to inject eSports with good sportsmanship and competition.

The “Be the Hero” theme was the dominant one in 2022, and the Markhor, Pakistan’s national animal, served as a metaphor for empowerment and resiliency. The youth were greatly impacted by this campaign, which inspired them to be heroes both online and offline.

The campaign, with its unique concept, is expected to further establish PUBG MOBILE’s position in motivating students and promoting a spirit of competition and advancement in 2023, carrying on this heritage. As always, the campaign aims to highlight the potential of young people and inspire them to discover their inner heroes and leave a lasting impression on the gaming community among students and beyond.

Khawar Naeem, Country Head Pakistan for Tencent Games, commented on the project: “Gully Squad is more than a campaign; it’s a movement that demonstrates the extraordinary power of unity.

We are not only following aspirations by uniting individuals, friends, and teams, but we are also instigating a constructive change that will spread. Numerous people have been impacted by these ideas, which have motivated players to take on heroic roles in their own adventures.

The Gully Squad-inspired PUBG MOBILE Campus Challenge (PMCC) unfolds as a motivating example of developing future leaders. University students are the primary target audience for PMCC, which encourages participants to find their inner strength, work together as a team, and pursue success both within and outside of the game. PMCC gives young brains the tools they need to overcome obstacles in both the virtual and real worlds by encouraging qualities like teamwork, dedication, and strategic thinking.

An intriguing new addition to the campus championship is that PUBG MOBILE has included the “World of Wonder” mode, which is meant to encourage the next generation’s creative potential. This will present the user-made unique game modes. It gives pupils a distinctive platform to explore their creative side while opening the door to a wide variety of imaginative gameplay experiences within PUBG MOBILE.

The Gully Squad initiative on PUBG MOBILE has repeatedly shown how dedicated the company is to developing talent, encouraging teamwork, and inspiring young people. By undertaking efforts like these, PUBG MOBILE affirms its position as a key player in advancing esports as a venue for professional and personal development.

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