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Pakistan, Singapore creators make history with first AI-generated series on Prophet Muhammad

by Haroon Amin
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Producers and content creators from Singapore and Pakistan have achieved a historic milestone by collaborating to create the first-ever web series powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is based on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Using artificial intelligence (AI), the ground-breaking series “Muhammad: The Mercy for the Multiverse” seeks to overcome the conventional limitations of money, time, and conceptualization.

This big project is the result of a partnership between Qur’anscape and Qalbox at MuslimPro, two well-known platforms in the digital Islamic space. Viewers are immersed in an animated portrayal of the Prophet’s life in this series, which does not feature any visual images of the Prophet. It looks at pre-prophecy turning points, difficulties following revelation, and Muhammad’s humanitarian nature.

With members from Pakistan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, the international project team behind “Muhammad: The Mercy for the Multiverse” The majority of the technical work was done in Pakistan, even though creative vision was developed by a broad group of people from around the globe.

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The team’s aim to break new ground in utilising generative AI to generate profoundly meaningful stories holds the key to the solution. With the help of this state-of-the-art technology, creations may be realised quickly, enabling efficient and successful project delivery. They have given classic stories new vitality by using AI, which has enabled them to be understood and connected to by a wide range of modern audiences.

This partnership is the “first of its kind in the faith genre,” according to Khan at Qalbox. They may now tell stories that have been loved for generations in a respectful and new way because to the merging of spirituality and AI. Viewers will experience the Prophet’s legacy being revealed in ways never previously possible as they set out on this historical expedition.

Of the ten episodes of the AI-generated web series, the first two have already been released on Qalbox by MuslimPro. The remaining episodes will be accessible for the duration of the current Ramadan holiday. For those looking for spiritual enlightenment during this holy season, it’s a perfect present.

“Muhammad: The Mercy for the Multiverse” is an ode to the inventiveness of people, the advancement of technology, and respect for the Prophet’s legacy. As the show progresses, it encourages us to consider the compassion and eternal knowledge that Prophet Muhammad personified.

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