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Competition Commission approves 100% acquisition of Medialogic Pakistan

by Haroon Amin
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An amalgamation within the TV ratings and streaming industry has received approval from the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP).

Under the terms of the Share Purchase Arrangement (SPA), Medialogic Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd’s whole shares will be acquired as part of the approved deal. Broadcasters and advertisers can hire Medialogic Pakistan (Pvt) ltd, a Pakistani private limited corporation, for media research services.

In the television industry, Medialogic Pakistan has been a major supplier of media accreditation since 2007. Broadcasters, marketers, and media agencies all around Pakistan rely heavily on the information supplied by Medialogic Pakistan when making judgements about the media.

The pertinent product market was determined to be “Media Research” by the CCP in its Phase I competition assessment. The market conditions will not alter after the acquisition, notwithstanding Medialogic Pakistan’s significant market share in the relevant market, according to CCP’s analysis.

Furthermore, the two Pakistani Acquirers will become more visible in the pertinent “Media Research” industry as a result of the proposed acquisition. Since the combination will not result in acquirers dominating the market, it was approved in accordance with Section 31 of the Competition Act of 2010. With this accreditation, CCP anticipates that Medialogic Pakistan will be in an even better position to provide the best measurements of the constantly evolving consumer behaviour across all platforms and channels.

In order to maintain it on pace with other international jurisdictions, CCP analyses mergers and acquisitions of shares or assets, including joint ventures, under Section 11 of the Act while enforcing an obligatory merger regime.

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The following are likely effects of Medialogic Pakistan’s acquisition on the industry:

  • Consolidation of the Market:

The TV ratings and streaming markets will consolidate as a result of Medialogic’s acquisition. When it comes to gathering, analysing, and reporting data, the combined organisation might be in a better position.

  • Improved Offerings:

Broadcasters, advertisers, and media agencies may be able to obtain more extensive media research services from the combined business. This could involve more accurate audience measurement, deeper understanding of viewing behaviour, and better reporting features.

  • Competitive Environment

This acquisition may change the competitive environment. It could be necessary for other industry participants to modify their tactics in order to effectively rival the recently established organisation.

  • Data Correctness:

TV ratings that are more precise and consistent may result from Medialogic’s experience in media accreditation and data gathering. Broadcasters and advertisers will gain from more informed choices based on solid data.

  • Technology and Innovation:

The two businesses’ combined resources could spur technological innovation in media study. The industry as a whole may gain from the emergence of new tools and techniques.

All things considered, the acquisition may change the way that media data is gathered, examined, and applied in Pakistan’s advertising and television sectors.

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