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AI technology approved by CM Maryam Nawaz to curb traffic violations

by Haroon Amin
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The application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify traffic infractions has received approval from Maryam Nawaz, the chief minister of Punjab.

The AI will check for failure to wear a seat belt and helmet throughout the initial part of the monitoring process. Using this technology, challans for 24 infractions of traffic laws will be initiated in the second phase.

It was also reported that the province-wide e-challan system will be launched following Lahore.

In order to enhance the flow, it was also determined to promptly remove temporary encroachments at 31 locations.

Additionally, CM Maryam Nawaz gave the order to put up a cart queue rather than remove the impoverished people’s carts. In order to stop one-way traffic violations, it was also agreed to deploy tyre teasers at 88 locations.

The CM declared that traffic laws will be strictly enforced. “We cannot allow the lives of innocent people to be hurt,” she stated.

A briefing on the traffic management programme was delivered by CTO Ammara Athar. In attendance were IG Police, Commissioner, CPO, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Engineer Tepa, Chief Engineer LDA, and other relevant officials, along with former Senator Parvez Rasheed.

Another development was the announcement by CM Maryam of a proposal to build 100,000 dwellings for the province’s impoverished. There will be convenient installments for the payment.

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