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Sahih Bukhari THE BOOK or AL-LUQATA

THE BOOK or AL-LUQATA of Sahih Bukhari is 46 chapter of the Book. THE BOOK or AL-LUQATA written by Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari. This chapter has 14 Hadith in total regarding Hadith on THE BOOK or AL-LUQATA. Sahih Bukhari book has a total of 99 chapters and 7558 hadiths in this collection.

Hadith Book



Hadith 2426

Narrated Ubai bin Ka`b: I found a purse containing one hundred Diners. So I went to the Prophet (and informed him about ...

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Hadith 2427

Narrated Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani: A bedouin went to the Prophet and asked him about picking up a lost thing. The Proph...

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Hadith 2428

Narrated Sulaiman bin Bilal from Yahya: Yazid Maula Al-Munba'ith heard Zaid bin Khalid al-Juham saying, The Prophet was ...

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Hadith 2429

Narrated Zaid bin Khalid: A man came and asked Allah's Apostle about picking a lost thing. The Prophet said, Remember th...

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Hadith 2430

Narrated 'Abdur-Rahman bin Hurmuz: Abu Hurairah (ra) said, Allah's Messenger (saws) mentioned an Israeli man. Abu Hurair...

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Hadith 2431

Narrated Anas: The Prophet passed a date fallen on the way and said, Were I not afraid that it may be from a Sadaqa (cha...

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Hadith 2432

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, Sometimes when I return home and find a date fallen on my bed, I pick it up in o...

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Hadith 2433

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas (ra): Allah's Messenger (saws) also said, It (i.e., Makkah's) thorny bushes should not be uprooted a...

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Hadith 2434

Narrated Abu Huraira: When Allah gave victory to His Apostle over the people of Mecca, Allah's Apostle stood up among th...

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Hadith 2435

Narrated Ibn `Umar: Allah's Apostle said, An animal should not be milked without the permission of its owner. Does any o...

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Hadith 2436

Narrated Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani: A man asked Allah's Apostle about the Luqata. He said, Make public announcement of i...

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Hadith 2437

Narrated Suwaid bin Ghafala: While I as in the company of Salman bin Rabi`a and Suhan, in one of the holy battles, I fou...

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Hadith 2438

Narrated Zaid bin Khalid: A bedouin asked the Prophet about the Luqata. The Prophet said, Make public announcement about...

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Hadith 2439

Narrated Abu Bakr: While I was on my way, all of a sudden I saw a shepherd driving his sheep, I asked him whose servant ...

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