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Regarding The Central Contract, Pcb Confides In Babar Azam

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Usman Wahla and captain Babar Azam were able to resolve all financial differences after their meeting in Sri Lanka.

Babar Azam, the squad captain, has been assured once more by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that the central contract is secure.

Details indicate that a decision has been taken about the new central contracts for national cricket players. Soon there will be a statement released. 

Usman Wahla, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Director of International, recently met with Captain Babar Azam in Sri Lanka. and conveyed his confidence in him throughout this meeting.

The sources claim that all financial disputes have been resolved. However, a topic involving a sponsorship agreement is still open for discussion.

The board has a rule that prohibits anyone from entering into a sponsorship agreement for any series that would conflict with the sponsors of that series. For instance, players are prohibited from striking an agreement with a different bank if that bank is the series’ primary sponsor.

This raised worries from the players, which is why the contract announcement was postponed. A suggestion has now been made to deal with this issue. It implies that players can get into their own agreements with approval if there is another business besides the primary sponsor. The players may be adaptable in their strategy even though they haven’t yet reacted.

Players in the A category, including Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Shah Afridi, will have the chance to make up to Rs 4.5 million per month, allowing them to play in one international league. Players in the B-category can participate in two overseas leagues annually and receive up to 3 million rupees in compensation. A NOC will be given to C-category participants for three competitions.

The player’s retainer has been quadrupled, according to Zaka Ashraf, head of the management committee, who recently informed the media in Lahore.

The contracts were postponed, according to additional reports, since players were competing in foreign leagues. The new contract’s specifics will probably be made public soon.

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