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Dha Quetta Inaugurates Key Development Projects In Grand Ceremony

  • Posted on October 01, 2023
  • News
  • By Haroon Ameen

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta has achieved a significant milestone by inaugurating several crucial development projects within its housing society, as revealed in a video shared on DHA Quetta's official Facebook page on September 10.  

The video highlights the reopening of the Expressway, a vital transportation artery that has undergone substantial infrastructure improvements. 

In a move aimed at fostering local business innovation, the inauguration also included a state-of-the-art commercial laboratory, which will cater to the research and development needs of the community. Another noteworthy achievement was the formal initiation of electricity transmission via an 11KV feeder by DHA Quetta. 

For cricket enthusiasts, the Chiltan Cricket Ground (CCG) was officially opened, boasting modern amenities to serve both professional cricketers looking to hone their skills and groups seeking recreational matches. Booking slots are now available for interested parties to enjoy this newly inaugurated facility. 

The inauguration ceremony in Quetta witnessed the participation of high-ranking government officials, military dignitaries, and community leaders. Their presence underscored DHA Quetta's unwavering commitment to spearhead regional growth and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

These developments not only contribute to the local infrastructure but also enrich the community by providing resources and recreational opportunities, demonstrating DHA Quetta's dedication to the well-being and progress of its residents. 

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta has embarked on a significant journey of development and progress, exemplified by the inauguration of key projects that promise to enhance the overall quality of life for its residents. 

The reopening and improvement of the Expressway, the establishment of a cutting-edge commercial laboratory, and the commencement of electricity transmission underscore DHA Quetta's commitment to infrastructure development and technological advancement.

Additionally, the unveiling of the Chiltan Cricket Ground (CCG) provides a recreational haven for cricket enthusiasts, further enriching the community's recreational opportunities.  

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Haroon Ameen

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