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Demand For Smartwatches Boosts The Smart Wearables Market

  • Posted on May 12, 2023
  • Health
  • By Paras Ali Raza

According to, Smart wearables market is booming due to increasing interest in health, fitness, and technology. Consumer Smart Wearable Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 19.58% by 2027.

Technology has become a vital piece of every part of life, and this has created massive interest in advanced and smart devices across the globe. The developing millennial population across the globe is significantly driving the reception of smartwatches and other smart devices.

The world is seeing a significant shift to the digital realm and is more associated than at any time in recent memory, and smart watches assume an important part in this because of their reduced nature and versatile usefulness.

Rising urbanization, expanding technological multiplication, health, and fitness-conscious cognizant populace, rising cell phone use, expanding luxury norms, and rising discretionary income is a portion of the key factors that shape the interest for smartwatches across the world.

There was strong development for smartwatches and fitness trackers in 2021, with worldwide shipments up by a fifth (20%) contrasted with the earlier year.

CCS Insight evaluations that manufacturers sent a total of 232 million smart wearable devices last year. It’s most recent report features record deals for the Apple Watch and developing energy for Android and Wear operating system-powered smartwatches.

Deals of smartwatches developed by 24%, arriving at 143 million units, while deals of fitness trackers were up 14% to 89 million units.

By 2026, the research firm estimates that yearly deals of smart wearables will surpass 400 million, an increment of 73% from 2021.

"Despite disturbance from the Coronavirus pandemic clouding the innovation market, wearables have radiated through as an area of development," commented senior expert James Monitoring Smith.

"We expect wearables ownership will twofold in the next five years and by 2026, 1.3 billion individuals universally will claim a smartwatch or fitness tracker. This is a significant chance for equipment makers and organization administrators, with interest for cell empowered wearables likewise conveying strong development."

Smartwatches proved more famous than fitness trackers in 2021 thanks to their high-level usefulness, especially in health and fitness tracking.

Smart devices have acquired tremendous fame over the last 10 years and have seen a significant rise in demand and deal the same. Smartwatches are devices that are fit for playing out numerous undertakings and are furnished with sensors that allow them to screen different health boundaries, for example, heart rate and calorie utilization, which settles on them a famous decision among health-aware individuals and educated individuals the same.

Expanding reception of smart devices, rising interest from arising economies, expanding extra cash, and rising technological expansion is a portion of the major point driving demand for smartwatches.

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Key Action Items From Market Study

•          Throughout the following decade, the worldwide smart market is assessed to ascend at a CAGR of 19%.

•          Demand for smartwatches from the Asia Pacific area is supposed to be most elevated among all regions.

•          Rising proliferation of innovation expanded demand for smart devices from arising economies, and popularity from the millennial population a portion of the major factors driving watch sales.

•         Before this decade's over, market deals income is estimated to top US$ 120 Bn.

•          Apple, Samsung, and Garmin are driving smartwatch producers as far as deals and portion of the overall industry.

The worldwide market for smartwatches has been identified as a genuinely divided space because of the presence of countless market members.

A portion of the key market players remembered for the report is Fitbit Inc., Samsung Hardware Co. Ltd, Sony Partnership, Garmin Ltd., Fossil Gathering Inc., Huawei Advancements Co. Ltd., Xiaomi Partnership, Nokia Organization (Withings), and LG Gadgets Inc.

The above are identified as key providers of smartwatches. These market members are participated in market expansion activities and are putting resources into growing their item portfolios to help their deals across different geologies.

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