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Imran Khan Announces Launch Of 100+ Vertical Projects For Lahore Next Month

  • Posted on September 28, 2022
  • News
  • By Haroon Ameen

Imran Khan has announced that the groundwork for 100+ vertical development projects will be launched in Lahore next month.

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced that the groundwork for 100+ vertical development projects under the first Central Business District Punjab (CBDP) will be launched in Lahore on Oct 22, adding this project will transform the dead capital into sustainable transactions channeling wealth generation for the country, in addition to reshaping entire infrastructure of the vicinity. 

Sharing the development on his Twitter handle on Sunday, Khan wrote: “Pak’s 1st central business district, @CBDPunjab, will accommodate 100+ vertical developments adding 600b+ to country’s economy. To compliment futuristic vertical development, the groundwork will commence Oct ‘22 on Lhr’s Main Blvd reshaping the entire infrastructure of the vicinity.” 

“CBD Punjab tasked with converting dead capital into viable transactions channeling wealth generation for the country. Similar projects with immense potential will be launched across Punjab leading to econ growth & prosperity by providing multiple opportunities for domestic & FDI.” 

PTI Chairman further hinted about more similar initiatives all over the country’s most populous province Punjab which he is confident enough that they will contribute to economic growth and prosperity by providing job opportunities. 

Moreover, Khan termed the project an out-of-the-box initiative to produce wealth, overcome financial as well as current account deficits and sustain the country’s economy and considered it a high time to increase Pakistan’s income and decrease expenditures to come out of the quagmire of deficits. 

Earlier this year, the project was approved by the Civil Aviation Authority for a 750-foot building height. The provision of skyscrapers is considered to be an entrance to architectural masterpieces. The business world will avail the extra height provision for commercial purposes, and construction advancement. 

Recently, PTI Minister Aslam Iqbal remarked that Punjab has a central role in the development of Pakistan, adding the government ensured its full support and ordered that no stone should be left unturned for the completion of the business district project 


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Haroon Ameen

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