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Pakistan's Mudassar Jutt Builds Electric Mini-Truck That Can Travel 40 Km On Single Charge

  • Posted on September 29, 2022
  • Automotive
  • By Haroon Ameen

A Pakistani artist and engineer has built an electric mini-truck that can travel around 40 kilometers on a single charge.

 A Pakistani artist cum engineer has made an electric mini-truck that has the ability to travel around 40 kilometers on a single charge. 

The mini-truck uses a Chinese electric engine which is run by lead-acid batteries. “It took me more than a year to complete the truck,” Mudassar Jutt informed the media. Nine hours are being taken to charge the batteries and the truck can carry about nine people inside and on the roof. 

News reporters reported that Jutt has decorated the mini-truck like traditional trucks traveling the highways in the country. Pakistani bus and truck art is well-known worldwide. The truck is decorated inside and out with typical truck art. 

Talking to the media he said that since childhood, he was fond of making toy trucks; following his hobby, he has built an electric mini-truck that can run on the road. 

"Through this truck, I want to promote the art of Pakistani trucks and make a call to switch from conventional engines to electric vehicles to reduce air pollution and curb climate change," said Mudassar Jutt. 

He added that the government of Pakistan should take China’s help to encourage EVs in Pakistan. “By adopting EVs, not only will we be able to save foreign exchange reserves spent on oil import, but also we will save the future of the next generation in the wake of climate change,” Jutt said. 

Moreover, another artist and entrepreneur Ali Salman Anchan showcased Pakistan’s indigenous ‘truck art culture’ in Sri Lanka through an amazing wall painting project. 

Salman is the founder of a social enterprise ‘Phool Patti’- dedicated to promoting Pakistani truck art culture around the globe. They have been working hard to revolutionize art and underline the positive face of Pakistan through their creative themes. Phool Patti Pakistan’s Truck Art shared this initiative via their official Facebook page.  

“Phool Patti painted a wall of size 40×8 that highlights the cultural heritage of both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The primary aim of painting the wall is to acquaint and familiarize the Sri Lankan community with the rich Buddhist heritage in Pakistan.”

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Haroon Ameen

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